Naturcopia prides itself on maintaining the highest level of customer service, the following information is testament to our clients’ satisfaction.

Thank you Tracy for the treatment my mum received off you for her slipped disk (doctors’ diagnosis) and the education that the disc doesn’t actually slip it’s the pads between that get trapped. She had no feeling but pins and needles in her fingers and was in agony. After seeing you just the once, she now has the feelings in her fingers back and the pins and needles have gone. The excruciating pain she had in her neck has gone from a 10 to a 3. I am personally in debt to you because my beautiful mother is no longer in pain. Thank you for your healing xLee Clayton, Lancs

I was given a Naturcopia gift voucher for my birthday. I chose massage; it was a wonderful calming and relaxing experience. It not only loosened my back and neck, it also relaxed and relieved my stress levels. This is important to me as I am Type 1 Diabetic. It helped my blood sugars stayed low by lowering my stress level. I have booked again and would recommend to anyone.Jodie Crossland, Reed, Lancs

In 2000, I did my Reiki one with you and from there have never looked back! Over the years, I travelled the length and breadth of the UK to complete my courses with you both Reiki 2, and later Master level. Since then, I have had some amazing results helping people through healing. I have also received treatments from you which are fantastic and very beneficial. Recently, after falling and breaking my wrist, you sent me the muscle rub, which is helping with the healing process and reducing the pain level. Thank you so much for being such an amazing and wonderful therapist, teacher and dear friend. I love you lots.Lynn Al-Birare, Cumbria

Had another amazing treatment yesterday which has eased my pain once again. No painkillers today for the first time in weeks! Amazing lady xCarla Cardwell, Preston, Lancs

This lady really knows what she is doing. My precious only son has benefited from her energy over the past 8 years. Tracey has significantly improved his health and wellbeing as a young person growing up from the age of 9 to 17. He has negotiated, with her help, two years off school with ME, the challenges of short Achilles and a dairy allergy. I would unreservedly recommend Tracey to anyone. She is the genuine article.Charlie Powell, Wendover, Bucks

Just a quick message to give thanks for my treatments; I’ve gone from strength to strength over the past few weeks. Surprisingly, I’ve not felt the need to take any pain killers! The muscle rub has also been a good help for my wife. My son also finds it wonderfully soothing for ‘growing pains’ in his legs; he now calls it the ’magic cream’!Sean Hollis, Colne, Lancs

Would like to thank your lovely medicine and treatments this week don’t think the improvement in my mobility would have been so much without your reflexology! Now need the improvements to keep going! Thanks again.Frankie Walker-Smith, Accrington, Lancs


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