Reiki Healing Training Courses

Professional Reiki Practitioners (PRP) Est. 2000

Education creates awareness and knowledge

(On-site / Home Training with accreditation)

Question: ‘What can create inner peace, calm & tranquillity upon all levels?
Answer: The Ancient Healing Art of Reiki

These courses have been structured and developed by Naturcopia in such a way so as to provide potential Reiki students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Reiki healing. The issues/concepts contained within these courses can have potentially life-changing effects upon the healer. The very essence of its foundation is based upon both traditional and non-traditional Usui Reiki teachings, here we respect and honour Dr Mikao Usui for making it attainable for us all.

  • Reiki I Degree
  • Reiki II Degree
  • Reiki Master Degree (III)

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